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Lilith's Cord


The current generation of humans are often said to be called descendants of Adam and Eve. However, there lies a small number of a different type of humans in this world. Children of the one who is called to be Adam first Eve - Lilith. Her children look completely the same as Eve descendants, and the few who live among us... are still somewhere in the world.

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Be Behst 11:33 - 12/16/2017 Chap 45
Its amazing ... I hope this manga always update ...
joy kill 18:34 - 12/28/2017
my fav manga emo
Janelle Castillo 13:40 - 12/30/2017
Liliae Reficul 14:23 - 02/01/2018
emoemoemoemoemoWhere da fuck is mah sweet spicy chapter? emoemoemoemo
Likereading 00:47 - 03/28/2018
Alot raw chapter, when will they get translate?
Bryan Adams 22:42 - 04/15/2018 Chap 55
Its a raw, needs translating.
Laxius 17:34 - 04/20/2018
All these raw chapters, No translations yet. Feelsbadman.emo
Andrew Connor 11:48 - 05/04/2018 Chap 57
Hey can u fix Liliths Cord ch 57 and 58, please

Sph Jblls 12:49 - 05/04/2018 Chap 57
what happend? emo
joy kill 18:40 - 05/04/2018 Chap 57
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