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Cherry Blossoms After Winter


From living under the same roof to then being classmates?!

Ever since his parents passed away, Haebom has been living in Taesung house. And now, being a 12th grader, he enters the same class as Taesung, which makes the whole situation way more awkward. Living together 24/7, Taesung and Haebom relationship is bound to change.

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Alex John 09:14 - 04/22/2021 Chap 57
this episode actually hit hard so I ended up crying-
ythan 02:19 - 05/07/2021
I love this storyyy?
althea luzana 14:46 - 05/12/2021
this story just makes me cry because it reminds me how single i am?
althea luzana 14:51 - 05/12/2021 Chap 14
wawwa and rei (the translators) are so funny ?
althea luzana 05:27 - 05/13/2021 Chap 43
No name 09:32 - 07/01/2021 Chap 57
No its not.......?its perfect?
laila hanifa 12:07 - 09/17/2021
bro..shut up dont like it dont watch it
althea luzana 09:37 - 05/13/2021 Chap 63
ahhhhh! hahahahaha (fan girling) pretty erotic if you ask me?
shaliyah king 14:37 - 06/08/2021 Chap 14
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