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Beauty and the Beasts


As soon as she fell into the world of beast men, a leopard forcibly took her back to his home. Indeed, Bai Jingjing is at a complete and utter loss. The males in this world are all handsome beyond compare, while the women are all so horrid that even the gods shudder at their sight. As a first-rate girl from the modern world (she even a quarter Russian), Bai Jingjing finds herself sitting at the center of a harem filled with beautiful men -- at the very peak of existence.

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jeanngumba 14:54 - 07/08/2020
snakes? nasty
jessa azarcon 19:45 - 05/04/2021 Chap 142
what the heck is she whore what is the big about reproducing what the it's about loyalty to girl thats snake loves you you idiot ahhhhhhhhhhh
momo 18:38 - 05/17/2021
Aiyin 11:14 - 07/19/2021 Chap 180
why i cannot read next episode?? is there a problem??
Aiyin 11:51 - 07/19/2021
author? i cant read any episode afterwards starting from my phone a problem or this app..i love this story! i want to read it?
Margie Legatub 15:03 - 11/25/2021 Chap 147
will Curtis be angry at qingqing??
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